We got funding!

“Congratulations! Welcome to the GCO family!” – “Stort tillykke! Velkommen til GCO-familien!”

Last week we got this FANTASTIC NEWS – “We are extremely excited to tell you that you have been granted funds from the EU-funded sustainability project Grøn Cirkulær Omstilling (Green Circular Transition).

This is a huge step for us towards implementing our goal of rooting “the circular way of mind” in our company right from the beginning. For us, the circular transition is a no brainer. We believe that GCO is the logical next step to reach our goals of offering genuinely sustainable products for hospitals, hotels, consumer market and more. It is a challenge that we are so excited to take on.

We will be very focused on closing the loop with regards to our SleepAngel barrier bedding ensuring that everything that can be recycled is recycled. In the coming months we will join forces with some of the leading sustainability experts in Denmark. They will also help us calculate exactly how much water, electricity, plastic waste and Co2 we can actually save on hospitals when using the SleepAngel products and Hygieia Hypochlorous.

The Health Care system in Denmark accounts for around 6% of the Co2 emitted in Denmark. Since our products don’t have to be washed (and also last much, much longer than conventional products), we can save hospitals for large amounts of Co2 and unnecessary resource waste.

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