New Tech for Aviation

  • 100% water tight Underground Pit Solutions
  • Drone storage & applications
  • Surveillance

We have focus on bringing NEW TECH to the aviation industry that are improving the normal procedures. In 2020 we introduced the groundbreaking PowerPit, which is a 100% water tight underground pit.

About our founder

The founder of Adwizors.com, Jacob Sohrabi Niclassen, has more than 20 years of experience in Business Development, Internationalization and Management in big international companies as well as SME’s and startups.

Jacob has an excellent track record as a business developer and has had succes with identifying and developing good ideas, where he saw a potential, and bring the products strongly into the market.

Jacob S. Niclassen CEO/Founder Audite Robotics & ADWIZORS
Jacob S. Niclassen CEO/Founder Audite Robotics & ADWIZORS

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