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Our SleepAngel products range from the specially designed medical series that is known and used all over the world in the fight against Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s), and all the way to the handy travel pillows perfect for the trip. 

All SleepAngel products contains 100 % recycled and biodegradable polyester filling.    

The products from SleepAngel are non-machine washable and should only be wiped off and disinfected. As a result, this leads to significant savings in laundry costs. For further information, please read the cleaning instructions below.

Cleaning instructions

The products from SleepAngel are non-machine washable, in other words, they should only be wiped off with a damp cloth and disinfected. However, if the surface is visibly stained, wash gently under cold running water. As a result, this means significant cost savings in laundry and a high return on investment.  

Avoid any violent scrubbing on the filter. Consequently, it may lead to a decrease on the effect. 

Disinfection can be done with both ethanol-based and chlorine-based products, however, we recommend using our hypochlorous for disinfection, as the hypochlorous from Adwizors contains 150-200 ppm:

  • Does not stain the product
  • Kills 99,9999% of all pathogens within seconds
  • Works on wet surfaces as opposed to ethanol-based products

Check out our hypochlorous by clicking on the “READ MORE”-button.

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