CiFi Torch

the complete set

The CiFi Torch (Cleaning Inspection & Forensic Investigation Torch) is an innovative tool for cleaning inspection that can be used by practically anyone. It is easy to handle, intuitive to use and works in daylight unlike any of its competitors on the market. This makes it an ideal tool for auditing and educational purposes. 

The complete set includes one CiFi Torch, 4 rechargeable batteries + a charger, two sets of glasses, a transport case and a lense for photography. 

This tool allows your company to raise your cleaning standards and auditing processes which means that your customers will only get the best of the best

useful for detecting germs everywhere


CiFi Torch easily finds every contaminated surface at the workplace


Use the CiFi Torch to prevent cross contamination between fixed furniture and foods


With the CiFi Torch you can improve the safety for customers and workers alike

originally developed for forensic purposes by the MET and NYPD

The CiFi Torch was developed as a forensics tool to be used in crime scene investigation by the Metropolitan Police in London and the New York Police Department. The powerful light emitted from the torch allows staff to see human biologial traces thereby making it much easier to secure evidence in murder and rape cases. 

The flexibility and quality of the CiFi Torch has led to the adaption by the cleaning and Facility Management sector. Thus the CiFi Torch makes it possible for companies in these domains to raise their cleaning to “forensic” standards. 

CiFi Torch Gallery

disinfecting with UV-C light?

UV-C light is a very effective weapon against bacteria and viruses, but did you know that UV-C light isn't able to penetrate "cakes" of organic material?

Disinfection with UV-C devices, large or small, requires sufficient cleaning before the full effect is obtained. Since UV light isn’t as effective against “cakes” of organic material cleaning thorough needs to be done to ensure a satisfying result.

In these cases the CiFi Torch may function as a guard against potentially dangerous germs that otherwise would have survived. 


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