When was the last time you saw a broken sanitation station?

With gelpole you get a sustainable and robust solution that works. We are proud to present the best dispenser system we could find.

The products from gelpole has a number of benefits:

First of all the gelpole is made to last. Made from stainless steel and high grade plastic materials you are ensured a long run time and a stylish look. 

Second, they are easy to refill and designed with a window on the side that lets you check the remaining volume. 

Third, the gelpole is very easy to use and the foot operated system ensures the maximum hygienic standard. 

Gelpole delivers a foot operated sustainable sanitiser station that actually works

Children's version

Together with gelpole we strongly recommend our alcohol free hand sanitiser Hygieia Gel, which is non-flammable and non-sensitising to the skin. Kindergartens and schools experience many problems with ethanol-based sanitisers due to the fire precaution measurements that needs to be taken into consideration. Worst-case, this means that sanitation stations have to be placed outside the building far away from the common use situations. 

Our water-based hypochlorous hand sanitiser does not have that problem, which makes it perfect for kindergartens and schools. With the children’s gelpole and the Hygieia Gel from Adwizors, we offer the best possible package for your institution. 

In this way we are making sanitation both fun and safe – AND better for the environment.  

Click READ MORE for more information about our hypochlorous.  

Gelpole also comes in a children’s version which makes sanitising both fun and easy

Product range

Gelpole will be available in a children’s version of the 1 litre sanitiser station with heavy base, the regular 1 litre sanitiser station with heavy base, 5 litre sanitiser station, 5 litre wheelchair friendly sanitiser station with handle.

everything you need to know about gelpole

No batteries required
Gelpoles dispensers are fully mechanical, meaning you dont have to swap out depleted batteries once a sensor etc. stops working.

Foot operated
The sanitiser stations are operated using your feet, ensuring the maximum hygienic standard.

Stainless steel
The dispensers are made of high quality components, including a stainless steel pump and a stainless steel frame, ensuring a long run time.

Check the current sanitiser level
The sanitiser stations comes with integrated windows, making it easy to check the current sanitiser levels.

Wheelchair friendly
We offer sanitiser stations made specifically for wheelchair users that comes with a handle, making it accessible to a wider audience.

No sensors
The dispensers from gelpole has no sensors, resulting in a major decrease of wasted sanitiser.

Containers can be refilled and recycled, greatly reducing the amount of plastic waste affecting the environment.

1 press = 1 dose
Avoid excessive amounts of wasted sanitiser. With the gelpoles foot operated system there is a greatly reduced risk of draining too much sanitiser at a time.

Indoor and outdoor use
You can place the sanitiser stations both indoors or outdoors depending on your needs, as the dispenser is weather proof.

Custom made signs
It is possible to order custom made signs to your gelpoles.
Feel free to contact us for pricing.

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