New products from Gelpole

Last week we received the first shipment from Gelpole and we are very excited to be able to offer a sustainable solution for hand sanitation that actually works. How often do you experience broken hand sanitiser stations?

We will offer the gelpole together with our alcohol free, hypochlorous hand sanitiser, Hygieia Gel, which is non-flammable and non-sensitising to the skin. Many kindergartens and schools have problems with ethanol-based sanitisers due to the fire precaution measurements that has to be taken into consideration. This means that the sanitisers have to be placed outside the building far away from the common use situations. 

Our water-based hypochlorous hand sanitiser does not have that problem, which makes it perfect for kindergartens and schools. With the children’s gelpole and the Hygieia Gel from Adwizors we have the best possible package for your institution. 

In this way we are making sanitation both fun and safe – AND better for the environment.  

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