UVC Dosimeter

what is a UVC Dosimeter?

UVC Dosimeters change color when exposed to UV-C energy

This allows your company to see if an optimal dose of UVGI has been delivered to a surface, thereby validating your devices and procedures.

Having a visual indication of dose is critical for the success of your UV-C disinfection protocols. UVC Dosimeters are recommended for use during every disinfection cycle to provide visible confirmation and confidence for staff, patients, visitors and guests.

UVC Dosimeters for multiple purposes

UVC 254 Dots

1″ adhesive dosimeter dots. Indicates UV-C exposures at 25, 50, 75 and 100 mJ/cm² with enclosed color reference card.


UVC Dosimeters for LED are proven to color-indicate doses of 25, 50 and 100 mJ/cm² that have been delivered from devices producing 260-280 nm.

UVC 222 Dots

Using a patented, UV-sensitive material, these UVC Dosimeters react to UV-C at 222 nm. Designed specifically for 222 nm devices

UVC 254 Tri Card

Features center indicator (yellow) surrounded by three color references to demonstrate the accumulate dose, measured as mJ/cm².

UVC LED Tri Card

UVC LED TRI cards provide a simple, reliable way to validate UV-C doses delivered from devices producing ultraviolet germicidal irradiation at 260-280 nm.


UVC 254 MRSA/C-Diff. Card indicates UV-C exposures that can achieve a 3-log reduction of MRSA and C-diff spores.

A recent study indicates that SARS-CoV-2 can be inactivated by a dose of 22 mJ/cm².

everything you need to know about uvc dosimeter

Patented photochromatic ink changes color to indicate the level of UV-C irradiation on surfaces.

Visibly demonstrates the accumulated dose of UV-C so you can confirm that a surface has received an optimal level of germicidal irradiation.

Validated by leading researchers in the U.S., U.K. and Sweden and trusted by UV-C manufacturers throughout the world. UVC Dosimeter by Intellego has been used in multiple US research studies to confirm UV-C effectiveness.

Recommended for use with UV-C disinfection systems in healthcare facilities, physician and dental practices, commercial spaces and more.

Great for in-servicing, staff training, validating UV-C lamp performance, and as a simple reporting tool for Infection Control and Environmental Services.

UVC Dosimeters can save time and money. One hospital found that they were able to reduce their UV-C disinfection run-time by 50% by using UVC Dosimeters. The color-change indicated that the target surfaces had received the appropriate dose of UVGI faster than anticipated. This enabled the staff to more quickly complete the terminal cleaning process and treat additional areas with UVGI.

Store at room temperature in original packaging and away from direct sunlight.

Single use only. Do not reuse.

UCV Dosimeters change color when exposed to UV-C energy

Instructions for use

Peel dots from card and place on or adjacent to any equipment or surface that will be disinfected with ultraviolet germicidal irradiation. Make sure the yellow indicator area faces toward the UV-C light source. After the UV-C disinfection cycle is complete, confirm the color change on the dots using the color reference chart. For best results, make exposure readings immediately after UV-C exposure cycle is complete. UVC Dosimeters are intended for one-use-only and should not be reused.

UVC Dosimeters are an important and necessary tool to validate ultraviolet output so you can visibly see if sufficient irradiation has been delivered to inactivate harmful pathogens. 

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